Our story


We have always been hungry for new information in fitness and health. We are intrigued of everything new and fresh that can help us and our customers have a happier and healthier life. When we found out that the revolutionary system of EMS was finally available for our use, we got in to action.

The people

How the dream of MyEMS studio came in to reality? Like in many cases, this is true to us as well; It was all about being at the right place, at the right time and meeting the right people. The team of four behind MyEMS have drive, knowledge and passion, and those are the main factors in making MyEMS into what it is today.

Our future

We believe that the first studio is only the beginning of the story of MyEMS. 1. MyEMS Studio, location: Tampere, Finland 2. MyEMS Studio, location: To be announced


Our purpose is to help people feel better and healthier in their bodies and daily lives by providing more effective and individually planned workout sessions.


Our values

Customer satisfaction is the goal in all of our operations. Here is our values that we live by every day:
We build the best customer experiences
We listen and learn to know our customers and their needs
Our studio is a “happy place”
We thrive to be better everyday

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