MyEMS Oy’s data collecting information

In accordance with article 10 of the personal data act (523/99).

Made: 25.5.2018.

1. Data controller
Company: MyEMS Oy
Address:  Sammonkatu 76, 33540 Tampere
E-mail:  if.sm1716331997eym@o1716331997fni1716331997
Telephone:  050 329 3485

2. Contact person handling the register
Ruta Eglite

3. Name of the register
Myems Oy customer database

4. Purpose of the register
The purpose of the customer database is to enable electronic enrollment and identification of customers for Myems Oy events such as group exercise classes. The database can also be used to manage access control and other information databases. Information is required to ensure that the number of visitors in classes is known to the company before the class begins.

5. Contents of the database
Customer’s first and last name, date of birth, sex, telephone number, address details, e-mail address, customer notes, information needed for invoicing. In addition, the database contains information about the account (such as validity, visits, and their dates). The database may also include a client-defined password for the use of network service (encrypted).

6. Regulated sources of information
The service is available at

7. Regulated information hand overs
No data will be given.

8. Principles of the protection of the database
Customer data is stored in electronic form in MyEMS Oy’s database that is only accessible with username and password. The username and password are available only to staff and the technical experts. Data, that is printed on paper are kept in MyEMS Oy’s premises.